Ni Hao,
this is Zhang Yihe.

About Me

I am currently a first year CS graduate student, previously I've completed my bachelor's degree from McGill.

This line should be an inspiration quote, but I can't find any that fits my personality.

Here are some travel photos I took when I was young.

Click here for meow meow meow.

My (not so recent) Work

Fairies' Nightfall

A real-time single player Windows action game made by a team of 8 using Unreal Engine 4.

Pentago-Swap AI Agent

An AI agent that is capable of playing Pentago with itself or human.

Flash Point Rescue

A turn-based multiplayer Windows board game made by a team of 6 using Unreal Engine 4.

Panorama Maker

A Computer Vision project that stitches multiple overlapped images to a panorama.


An Android app that provides user-to-user online foods sharing service.